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"She's young, and will learn the hard way." Oh, I'm young, but not… - I sharpen my teeth with my tongue
Wed, Mar. 5th, 2008 06:27 pm
"She's young, and will learn the hard way."

Oh, I'm young, but not too young for you to be obsessing over, apparently.

"I'm just disappointed in her, she seemed so sincere."

Sincere about not wanting anything more from you than friendship. Trust me, that was 100% sincere.

"I've read her blogs, I know what she's been through and what she's looking for."

Yes, people's blogs are like windows into their souls. IT'S A BLOG. We don't all put every inkling of any emotion into ours like you do. And uh, if you know what I'm looking for, you should've known it WASN'T YOU.

"Debbie will be there. Bwahahaha."

So... You're upset because you think I'm dating someone else and here you are making plans around a different girl? Hypocrite sounds about right.

"The things I did for her, and didn't get to tap that once."

You fucking sleaze. None of the things you 'did' for me ever warranted me fucking you. You should've quit blow for yourself, not for anyone else.

"I just IM'ed Matt.. just to say hi. Oddly enough, no reply."

Who the fuck do you think you are, Sherlock Holmes? He's not your friend, why would he say hello to you? I'm sure logic plays no role in your deductions, that why they always sound so good to you. Christ.

This next part I would just like to copy and paste.

"ramirothedj (8:25:06 PM): but i will tell u thi..
ramirothedj (8:25:15 PM): itwont lst
ramirothedj (8:26:04 PM): because i know more than hilary thinksi know about her
ramirothedj (8:26:21 PM): in eregards to her personality..
ramirothedj (8:26:49 PM): she has some ofthe isues i have
ramirothedj (8:27:09 PM): wether shetries to hide from them.
ramirothedj (8:28:09 PM): she will contnue to bounce from one relationship to another until she confronts her own demons
ramirothedj (8:28:26 PM): she uses relationship as a cruch
ramirothedj (8:29:05 PM): to avoid dealing andconfronting wat she eeds to confront
ramirothedj (8:29:08 PM): herself"

Let me make this perfectly clear. I want you to understand completely, entirely and without any doubt:

You do not know me. You will never know me. I do not use relationships as a crutch, you do. You latch onto anyone that gives you the time of day, and you attempt to emotionally manipulate them. For fear of not being able to hold them to you, you profess feelings that you know are not genuine, and you feign guilt and sadness when that person does not share the same feelings. I have confronted myself. Long ago. I know myself better than you have even begun to grasp your own identity. And I didn't need to copy and paste a generic letter of shallow self-revelation to all of my friends to do it.

I have observed more self-serving behavior in you than in some of the most narcissistic people I have come across. You believe that your perception is high-powered and can cut deep, but you are terrified to turn this on yourself. I think maybe, in your subconscious, you know how warped and delusional you are. Some day, you will learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and stop trying to force them on others.

Until then, you will continue to project your own emotional inadequacies onto innocent, unsuspecting people.

Your views on me, you, and this whole situation truly are demented. And it seems that I will never stop being ashamed to have ever met you.


The Captain
Thu, Mar. 6th, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)

I know you! I know you!
What a fuckin' douche, man. This is all the more reason for you to come to Ohio. Then I, too, can dream about "tapping" it.

Oh wait. Already do.

Say, It's Only a Paper Moon
Mon, Jul. 7th, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)

I've only stumbled upon your journal just now and have only read this entry. And I already like you. Your journal title definitely holds true. You seem to be quick and witty and all around smart. Not entirely sure what this entry was about, but you seem very dignified and blunt. People aspire to be have those qualities.