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FreakOnALeash051 [10:21 AM]: i wont fuck with stories like the… - I sharpen my teeth with my tongue
Mon, Apr. 12th, 2004 10:49 am
FreakOnALeash051 [10:21 AM]: i wont fuck with stories like the Jersey Devil and stuff close to that effect lol
FreakOnALeash051 [10:21 AM]: ill believe it just dont let it come near me
Jeweledandpunked [10:34 AM]: psh, i don't wanna think about that
Jeweledandpunked [10:34 AM]: lol
Jeweledandpunked [10:34 AM]: thanks cher, now imma wet myself when i go outside to smoke tonight
FreakOnALeash051 [10:34 AM]: lol why
Jeweledandpunked [10:35 AM]: cuz im scared of that shit
Jeweledandpunked [10:35 AM]: lol
Jeweledandpunked [10:35 AM]: i'm a baby
FreakOnALeash051 [10:35 AM]: you... scared of that...? nahhhh
FreakOnALeash051 [10:35 AM]: me is understandable.. but you? nahhhh

i think this is hilarious. most of my old friends (OLD friends) probably remember me as fucking evil. unlike nowadays, when i can barely stand to watch movies like The Ring or Dawn of the Dead. i just about shat myself when i watched 5 minutes of The [new] Texas Chainsaw Massacre. and THAT was in the NYU lobby, surrounded by people and light. *shiver* my days of flirting with crazy shit are over. lol.. now i cry when i watch the lion king.

NOW, i know i said in that entry saturday morning that i would be in baltimore. change of plans, obviously. instead, i'll be there in about 26 hours. my train gets into BWI at about 3pm (heads up gayboirye, peachybaby921, species, 1disturbedgrrl, lickingliars, xoutofrangex, lilshedevil24, lifeiswaiting4u, starrpetta and whoever else feels so inclined)

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: Kylie Minogue - Get up