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Chatty Kathy's - I sharpen my teeth with my tongue
Wed, Nov. 9th, 2005 04:26 pm
Chatty Kathy's

Apparently, when I made my last entry I neglected to use my 'anti-drama' filter, so a certain someone 'relayed' my entry to one of Lauren's friends and, when one of them gets their hands on a piece of information that has nothing to do with them it gets passed around. Consequently, Lauren says to me, "So, all of my friends know that you're moving to Michigan." And I reply, "That's funny. I didn't tell any of them that I was moving." In fact, I don't even speak to any of them. Gee, I wonder.

Let me pick my words carefully, here. I wouldn't want them twisted.

My entry was protected, not public. People protect entries to keep them from unwanted eyes. None of you are my friends. You are all unwanted eyes. I don't know why it is you can't find anything better to do than spread gossip around based upon my business. If I am so unimportant and beneath you, why am I the topic of conversation? Jimmy, you were the only mutual friend that I put onto my list of unfiltered people. I assumed that you were friendlier with me than other friends of lauren's. Gossip is not something I would have foreseen. If it was, I would've kept you on the filtered friends list. But I guess I made a mistake of judgement. I find what you did to be very disrespectful. So you have been de-friended. Now you, and everyone else, can get your gossip straight from Lauren.

I have been tempted to make a general address to all of you (you as in Lauren's friends). I couldn't decide whether to make it in the form of individual letters or one large general address. When I tried confronting some of you individually I got nowhere (save that Erin actually talked and communicated with me like an adult). And eventually I made up my mind that it is pointless. Nothing I say will be taken seriously, it will only be picked at behind my back and spat on. So it would be a waste of my breath.

However, I have said this to Lauren and I mean it in all honesty. If any of you should ever want to take the mature initiative to meet me on some normal plane of adulthood and discuss with me your thoughts, concerns or questions regarding our past (IE my wanting to be friends with all of you and all of you shunning me without ever really knowing me as a person), my email is jeweledandpunked@aol.com. I still have yet to hear a legitimate reason why I am so below all of you. And I'm not giving anyone an invitation to belittle and attack me. I am perfectly capable of having a functional, intellectual and emotionally gratifying conversation in which two people can express their feelings honestly and freely, given they can listen as well as speak. So, there it stands.