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So there. - I sharpen my teeth with my tongue
Fri, Nov. 26th, 2004 11:50 pm
So there.

Remember TV Guide's issue featuring "The Best Shows You're Not Watching"? I've decided it's only fair to feature a journal from my friends page that has very few friends in common with me (not weekly, just every so often. And I have a lot of friends to go through). So, here:

The Best Journal You're Not Reading: black_dawning


Yes. My new journal layout is me. Again. I was a little hesitant to use a giant picture of my face. But then I asked myself why? Why should I feel even a twinge of hesitation? It's my journal and it's my face and I will do what I please with whichever. After considering it more intensely, I found that I was afraid of appearing conceited or 'full of myself'. Well, fuck that, I decided.

My focus delved deeper and I was becoming more and more appalled at this concept. Why is it not okay to enjoy the way you look or your face or your entire body in general? And how could I have let the mass advertising machine infiltrated my brain fortress? The balance in a female's extrication betwixt her appearance and her reputation is positively repugnant. It's blasphemy unto one's soul, I tell you.

Weigh this: If a girl believes she is attractive, she is conceited. If she believes she is ugly, she's either a headcase ("I'm so fat, I need to go on a diet" -89lb teenager) or develops an eating disorder/spends all expendable income on ways to better her appearance (makeup, gym subscription, diet/lite foods, PLASTIC SURGERY). I want to shake all of them like crying babies and scream into their faces: YOU ARE NOT A DRAGON, THOSE REVLON COMMERCIALS ARE BULLSHIT. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING WHO DOES NOT NEED TO UNDERGO MINDLESS RITES OF PASSAGE SO YOU CAN BELONG TO A GIANT WALKING/TALKING ADVERTISING MACHINE.

Your nose does NOT need to be tiny and button. Your hair does not need to be long and highlighted. Your belly does not need to be flat enough to bounce a quarter off of. Your boobs don't need to be huge and perky. Your ass doesn't need to be perpendicular to your spine. Your nails don't need to be painted and your naval doesn't need to be pierced.

All your body needs is to be loved and taken care of by YOU. Not EVERYONE ELSE.

And I am not about to feel shame for liking my face enough to make it my background.

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